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Top five tips on pet care


1. Feed your pet a quality nutritional diet

2. Provide clean fresh water at all times

3. Ensure they are protected against ticks & fleas year round

4. Give them regular exercise & playtime with the family

5. Spoil them with treats & toys to make them feel special!


Protecting your pet against ticks & fleas is an ongoing expense pet owners need to plan for and for good reason. Not only is dealing with a tick & flea a nuisance but the health repercussions for your pet can be deadly. Both ticks & fleas are carriers of diseases & parasites. In the case of ticks they carry Babesiosis & Ehlrichhiosis (two forms of Biliary). If bitten by a tick carrying the disease an animal (even humans) would need to seek treatment to prevent the disease becoming fatal.

Fleas, on the other hand may not be deadly to pets but they are hosts to the tape worm parasite and can cause flea bite dermatitis (skin allergy). Flea bite dermatitis can cause your pet great discomfort, skin inflammation and severe hair loss. In addition once your pet and your home is infliltrated by fleas, they are difficult to get rid off. Luckily there is a wide range of products on the market designed to protect not only your pets from these pesky parasites but also your homes.

Topical: (these types of treatments are applied directly onto the surface of the animal's skin).

  • Monthly top on treatment (protects against ticks and/or fleas and lasts 30 days);

  • Spray (sprayed onto the coat & kills parasites on contact but protects for shorter duration);

  • Dip or shampoo (animal bathed in it, kills parasites on contact but only protects for approximately 7 days)


  • Tablet form (given orally). Usually kills parasites within minutes. Depending on the product will protect animal from anything from one day, a month or longer.


  • Placed around animals neck and requires contact with the coat to disperse chemicals over animals body. Takes a few days to become effective and protects animal for a number of months before replacement needed.


  • Powders, aerosol – applied to the home environment (not the animal directly) e.g. bed, area where animal stays. Kills fleas at all stages of lifecycle. Protects against parasites for months.

With proper planning and protection, ticks and fleas never have to be a problem for your pet. Visit a Vet's Pantry store near you for advice on the most suitable tick & flea treatment for your pet and your home.

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